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    Joe Richard, a long time fisherman and nature/sports photographer, has a great article in the July TIDE magazine for the CCA. Met Joe and his wife Amy this summer. He had called and said he was coming from Gainesville to take pictures for an article on Kayak king fishing. He wanted to rent one of our double fishing kayaks to get out in the gulf and hopefully catch some Kings. The day ended up being too rough to go out but he did get a lot of info for his story. I tried to reprint the article but couldn’t, so below is a link with some pictures from the Navarre area and fishing tips from our own Kevin Maye Click on link and go to pg 32-33, http://content.yudu.com/A1soh6/TideMagJulAug2011/resources/index.htm Joe and Amy did make it back later in the year and got out on the Gulf for some King…

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