11th Annual Seagrass Awareness Celebration

11th Annual Seagrass Awareness Celebration

I have volunteered with the Annual Seagrass Celebration for all of it’s past ten years. It is by far my favorite enviro-event of the year. If you have children or grandchildren, or even if you don’t, come on out on the 26th and learn and enjoy.




What:                   11th Annual Seagrass Awareness Celebration

When:                 March 26, 2011

10:00 am until 2:00 pm

Where:                Shoreline Park South, Gulf Breeze (Across from the Recreation center on Shoreline Drive)

Contact:               Chris Verlinde 623-3868


Seagrass Awareness is an annual family event held at Shoreline Park South in Gulf Breeze, Florida. This year, activities will include live marine life in touch tanks, “eat a seagrass bed,” make a shark tooth necklace, seining, games, fishing, marine creatures, arts and crafts, food, displays, explore a seagrass bed, boating safety, fishing, kayaking scallop gardening and more!

Bring your family and friends, water, sunscreen, hat, water shoes, lawn chairs and join us for a fun filled day!

March is Seagrass Awareness Month in Florida!


Seagrasses are a valuable part of the   and support our local economy. Most commercial and recreationally important fish, crabs and shrimp spend some time of their lives in seagrass beds! Not only do these underwater grass beds help keep water clean, but they also provide food and shelter for young fish, shrimp and crabs. Endangered species, such as manatees and green sea turtles, depend on seagrass beds for food! Seagrasses, clean water and natural resources play a vital role in the economy of NW Florida. To ensure a healthy environment and economy for future generations, let’s work together to limit our impacts on our natural areas! Come to the Seagrass Awareness Celebration on Saturday, March 26th at Shoreline Park South to learn what you can do to make a difference!

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