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From a post I made on http://navarrebeachlife.com/forum An email after one of our Kayak Ecotours mfhurst wrote: You don’t know how great it is until you go somewhere else and it’s so busy and just not relaxing. Ready to Relax and be lazy on the beach……… You’ve got that right ! For a few years I had to move from Navarre to find work, I used to take my son to many fine places on vacation, but it was always better to go to the beach in Navarre and “relax”. After you have been lazy on the beach for a few days, maybe you would like to spend some time “relaxing” in a kayak. I know many people equate kayaking with a high energy output activity. But that is because most people visualize whitewater river kayaking, but seakayaking is very different. You can expend as much energy as you want,…

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