Kayak Fishing Info

Northwest Florida offers some of the best fishing along the Gulf Coast.  Fishing from a Kayak offers some benefits that standard fishing does not such as accessing the shallow grass flats closer to shore that hold some amazing fish.

Kayak Fishing

One of the great things about fishing in Navarre, Florida is the wide array of species and types of fish that can be found in these waters. There are lots of large fish swimming these waters as well as small fish, ranging from fish as small as a few ounces to fish that are practically human-sized (weighing up to 100 pounds). However, on average, fish in this area range from five to twenty pounds in weight.

Overall, Navarre is an ideal fishing destination. There is the largest variety of catches in the entire Florida gulf here, many stating up to four times more than other fishing destinations. There are always at least twenty species of game fish available in seasonal runs. In Navarre and neighboring gulf fishing cities like Destin, Okaloosa Island, and Fort Walton Beach, more billfish are caught annually than in all of the other gulf fishing cities put together. Navarre is also an exciting way to search for the mysterious and hard-to-find Cobia fish, which only is found from March through November.

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